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Showing 1 - 20 of 265 product results

Showing 1 - 20 of 265 product results

AAmerica, Inc., a pioneer in the furniture industry, continues to break new ground to exceed your expectations in delivery of solid quality and solid value in solid wood.

In 1973, when brothers Fred and John Rohrbach started Asia-America Co., importing ceramics and handcrafted items from Vietnam, they were true pioneers in utilizing the vast and untapped Asian resources. Read more about Fred and John Rohrbach in our History section.

Rapidly expanding their product offerings into antique reproductions and nostalgic oak furniture, they correctly predicted the huge consumer demand for these high quality, low cost products.

Recognizing the opportunity, they refocused their efforts and quickly established themselves as a leading provider of high quality imported furniture. The competitive advantaged afforded them by the lower cost of production in Asia gave the American furniture buyer the opportunity to have the luxury and durability of solid wood and a significantly lower price than traditional domestic producers.

In the early 1990s, major regional furniture chains recognized the reputation for fine workmanship, value and service and began reserving key floor spots for AAmerica groups. While not losing its original focus on service to the independent dealer, the support of the higher volume regions allowed AAmerica to offer even more competitive pricing and broader product offerings to all its valued customers. This continued emphasis of service and value caused the company to grow into a major case goods and collection resource and a leader in casual dining.

In 2003, AAmerica made another strategic decision, transitioning significant production capacity to the newly emerging Vietnamese marketplace. Establishing a partnership with a high quality Vietnamese factory, with the expertise of Taiwanese furniture factory management allowed a seamless transition, and no interruption of product flow or service in light of the crippling anti-dumping duties levied on Chinese manufacturers. Today, Vietnam is emerging as the fastest growing source of furniture in the world.

That partnership continues today, and is enhanced by strong factory and product development relationships in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia with onsite quality control staff. The AAmerica team continues its commitment to offering the best value and service possible. According to Fred Rohrbach, President, モOur mission is simple - offer the very best value and quality possible, and give our customers service, service and more service.ヤ

With an outstanding reputation for developing solid wood case goods, a comprehensive casual dining program to meet your customersメ needs, and the infrastructure to support service and delivery at the best price, AAmerica stands ready to partner with you to enhance your sales and profitability.

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