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For 26 years, AICO/Amini Innovation Corp has been known for original, high quality and intricately designed home furnishings. CEO and Founder, Michael Amini, combines his extensive world travels and his affinity for fashion to create the inspiration for each distinctive... (read more)

AICO Furniture 21 Cosmopolitan Collection

A unique expression of modern design 21 Cosmopolitan features an exciting palette of contrasting colors and alluring details that will infuse the ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Bella Veneto Collection

Every curve of the magnificent Bella Veneto collection speaks of elegance. From the graceful lines of its deep carvings to the crowning feature o ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Camden Court Collection

Camden Court collection by Michael Amini is made for the ever-changing living space with an eclectic flair. The Pick of pearl pieces, platinum de ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Carrollton Collection

With the organic tones of ranch styling and the sophistication of modern rustic influences, Carrollton Dining Room Collection by Michael Amini an ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Crossings Collection

Made for unique homes only. Farmhouse with a touch of industrial design, The Crossings Dining Table works perfectly in urban spaces and country h ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Del Mar Sound Collection

Set the mood! With weathered textures and ocean lines, the Del Mar Sound Dining Table redefines rustic charm and gives you the perfect place for ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Eden's Paradise Collection

Paradise is the term for a place of timeless harmony and is often associated with the Garden of Eden. Eden’s Paradise exudes Old World Euro ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Excursions Collection

Inspired by an expedition in search of unique products that fit today’s lifestyle, Excursions is a collection rich in exotic bamboo, raffia ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Glimmering Heights Collection

Create an inviting atmosphere of glamour for sparkling evenings and radiant days with Glimmering Heights by Michael Amini and Jane Seymour. This ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Grand Masterpiece

Michael Amini's penchant for innovation, design and "WOW" factor all come together in Grand Masterpiece. Taking inspiration from the beautiful an ... (read more)

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AICO Furniture Halo Collection

The Halo Dining Room Collection by AICO Furniture stylizes the bold with the soft, offering a deliberate design that promises both comfort and cl ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Hollywood Loft Collection

The Hollywood Loft Collection by Michael Amini & Jane Seymour, A Design Collaboration is scaled and proportioned for smaller spaces yet with ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Hollywood Swank Collection

Add a touch of elegance to every meal with the Hollywood Swank. This Formal Dining Set will make you feel like you're dining out on the town with ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Horizons Collection

The sleek design and innovative features of Horizons exemplify a European contemporary aesthetic. Clean lines and the alluring weaving of the "Cl ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Hudson Ferry Collection

Take a walk down the pier with Hudson Ferry Dining Room Collection by Michael Amini and Kathy Ireland Design Collaboration. Defined by soft drift ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Imperial Court Collection

Imperial Court Collection by AICO FurnitureRussian royalty and French baroque are the inspiration behind this magnificent collection crafted with ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Lavelle Collection

The Lavelle Dining Room Collection by AICO Furniture is crafted from Birch solids Natural Birch and Basswood veneers. The influence of French reg ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Lavelle Cottage Collection

The influence of French regal comes to life with unique wing shaped headboards and footboards, and scallop shaped pieces throughout the collectio ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Lavelle Melange Collection

The Lavelle Melange Dining Room Collection by AICO Furniture is crafted from Birch solids Natural Birch and Basswood veneers. The influence of Fr ... (read more)

AICO Furniture London Place Collection

Style with elegance and sophistication. London Place Collection features rich neutrals, eclectic designs, and clean, sloping shapes in champagne ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Melrose Plaza Collection

Melrose Plaza by Michael Amini and Jane Seymour, a Design Collaboration is the essence of glamour and timeless elegance. Stunning crystallized me ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Menlo Station Collection

From the heart of California’s coastal towns, Menlo Station explores the style of deluxe urban living. Bronze campaign hardware, solid wood ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Metro Lights Collection

The sleek design and innovative features of Metro Lights exemplify a contemporary lifestyle. Clean lines and an alluring black nickel finish name ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Platine de Royale Collection

When you're looking for an interior design style that screams French provincial, the Platine de Royale collection is the one to turn to. It's a b ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Roxbury Park Collection

The Roxbury Park collection speaks to the refinement of urban life, without the bustle. Clean lines, soft slate finished wood, and frost gray ton ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Silverlake Village Collection

Casual and bold, the Silverlake Village Dining Table Set is ready to refresh your mealtime. Extend the table for guests, set your favorite flatwa ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Sky Tower Collection

The sleek and sophisticated design of Sky Tower exemplifies a modern lifestyle. Clean lines and touches of art deco are coupled with a brilliant ... (read more)

AICO Furniture State St. Collection

State St. addresses the style conscious contemporary customer looking for sleek, hip design. Elements of minimalist modern combine with glass, st ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Trance Collection

In this multi-collection pack, Trance puts together some of those wavy features to use. Featuring glass accents, carved console fronts, and those ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Tuscano Melange Collection

AICO Dining Set Tuscano. In the tradition of the Tuscany region of Italy, AICO® introduces the casual elegance of the Tuscano® Collection ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Valise Collection

This Valise dining collection designed around the popular trunk suitcase style. The entire dining collection is wrapped in a high end alligator s ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Victoria Palace Collection

European architecture has long been of special interest to Michael Amini in his travels. Victoria Palace wasinspired by the combination of fabulo ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Villa Valencia Collection

The look and feel of Old World Spain have been beautifully captured in this grand collection, designed exclusively for the Michael Amini Original ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Villagio Collection

The Italians believe in enjoying every meal to the fullest.  With the Villagio collection, you will. This set has an 'Old World' Italian sty ... (read more)

AICO Furniture Windsor Court Collection

Combining classy designs with consummate craftsmanship, the Windsor Court Dining Collection in Vintage Fruitwood will definitely bring beauty and ... (read more)
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For 26 years, AICO/Amini Innovation Corp has been known for original, high quality and intricately designed home furnishings. CEO and Founder, Michael Amini, combines his extensive world travels and his affinity for fashion to create the inspiration for each distinctive design. From the ancient ruins of Greece, to Russian palaces; from the sunny hillsides of Tuscany, to the charming cafes of a crowded Paris street, Michael finds inspiration in world culture, traditional art and architecture. It is his goal to create furniture that connects people emotionally with their culture, country and heritage.

In addition to Michael’s passion for design and fashion, he strives to lead by example in producing unmatched quality combining Old World craftsmanship with the most modern production techniques. This commitment to quality and innovation is the cornerstone to his ability to create intricate designs rich with hidden extras and features that cater to the needs and desires of the customer. Intricately carved headboards, velvet lined-drawers, unique lighting features, and generously proportioned seating are just a sampling of the attention to detail found throughout each collection. Michael believes that furniture should not only bring a beautiful and sophisticated aesthetic into the home, but provide functionality to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer.

AICO’s product lines now include complete case goods collections, high-fashion upholstery, a stunning line of top-of-bed fashions, an extension line of accent pieces, and a commercial and contract division called AICO Office Systems. More recently, Michael was joined in early 2010 by world-renowned actress and artist Jane Seymour to launch a new design division for AICO. This new division has been enormously successful with four complete collections currently in production under the brand name Michael Amini and Jane Seymour, A Design Collaboration.

The imagination and foresight of Michael Amini has lead the company since 1988, and will continue its growth and expansion by setting new trends and creating living environments that transcend expectations.

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