Platine de Royale Collection - Rectangle

When you're looking for an interior design style that screams French provincial, the Platine de Royale collection is the one to turn to. It's a breathtaking collection that embodies the heart and soul of all that's distinctively French in both the modern and medieval time periods. This interior design collection features furniture that includes graceful carvings, antiqued mirror glass, and exquisitely crafted custom hardware. Swarovski crystal accents adorn signature items such as the bed and mirrors to add that extra touch of French elegance that's worthy of any royal occupant. Rich and timeless, this furniture collection is reminiscent of the types of pieces you'd expect to have been handed down from French nobility throughout the generations. All these pieces stay true to the historical significance of the French royal era while still offering you stylishly interpreted pieces that are modern and tasteful enough to complement today's homes. Ornate gold accents lavishly adorn everything from functional dining room chairs to curio cabinets. Champagne colors add a bit of lightness and freshness to any space and offer you a delicate, feminine look that's both glamorous and vintage at the same time. The incorporation of delicate glass into pieces such as the dining table add a bit of a contemporary look to a classic piece. No matter whether you incorporate just one piece into your interior design scheme or the entire collection, you're sure to add a bit of delicate prestige to any ambiance when you shop this collection of gorgeous French-inspired furnishings.