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Fine Furniture Designル was founded with the same approach one takes to craft fine furniture. They began with a masterful design. They devised a plan with serious consideration for all who would interact with the company and the final product. They are a group of furnitu... (read more)

Fine Furniture Design American Cherry Collection

American Cherry will infuse your home with functional comfort and classic style. Inspired by original pieces of American built antiques, America ... (read more)

Fine Furniture Design Antebellum Collection

The Antebellum collection is finely crafted to carry forward the finest aspects of traditional furniture design while making subtle changes to be ... (read more)

Fine Furniture Design Belvedere Collection

The Belvedere collection from Fine Furniture Design blends European and American styles, taking inspiration from 19th and 20th century antiques f ... (read more)

Fine Furniture Design Biltmore Original Collection

The Biltmore Collection is inspired by the gracious, comfortable furnishings found in the home of George and Edith Vanderbilt. Built in 1895, the ... (read more)

Fine Furniture Design Deco Collection

A contemporary collection, Déco is defined by a balance of sleek lines, curves stretched to the extreme, and angles intentionally softened for a ... (read more)

Fine Furniture Design Esquire Collection

The Esquire Home Collection by Fine Furniture Design was developed in collaboration with the experts at Esquire magazine. Featuring the right ble ... (read more)

Fine Furniture Design Harbor Springs Collection

Harbor Springs is an upscale casual look on familiar silhouettes enhanced by beautiful hand inlaid acacia veneers and exciting new finishes. The ... (read more)

Fine Furniture Design Humphrey Bogart Collection

Iconic movie star, avid sailor, expert chess player, single-digit handicap golfer, and doting father - Humphrey Bogart's zest for life was extrao ... (read more)

Fine Furniture Design Hyde Park Collection

Hyde Park is a sophisticated traditional design inspired by late 18th century English antiques found across Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries ... (read more)

Fine Furniture Design Portfolio Collection

Like a perfectly tailored suit, Portfolio's crisp, streamlined silhouettes radiate confidence. This collection, a sophisticated mix of materials ... (read more)

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Fine Furniture Design Raylen Vineyards Collection

Experience the deep flavor and bountiful harvest of the Raylen Vineyards Collection. Filling your home with a rich bouquet of elegance and uncomp ... (read more)

Fine Furniture Design Runway Collection

Inspired by fashion's hottest trends which includes confident looks with exaggerated lines, metallic effects – including gold and brass – and bol ... (read more)

Fine Furniture Design Serenity Collection

Serenity offers traditional silhouettes softened by graceful curvature and light finishes. This new collection features a selection of over 50 SK ... (read more)

Fine Furniture Design Summer Home Collection

Great for your casual lifestyle, the Summer Home collection will brighten up your décor with luxury and comfort. Whether you are living i ... (read more)

Fine Furniture Design Veranda Collection

A Passion For Living. For 30 years, Veranda has celebrated the art of living well by showcasing the world's most exquisite interiors. Now Fine Fu ... (read more)
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Showing 1 - 16 of 202 product results

Showing 1 - 16 of 202 product results

Fine Furniture Designル was founded with the same approach one takes to craft fine furniture. They began with a masterful design. They devised a plan with serious consideration for all who would interact with the company and the final product. They are a group of furniture professionals who are serious about having a well-run company and making great furniture.

As visionaries of Fine Furniture Designル, they started with a blank canvas, upon which they applied the best of their prior experiences in the world of fine furniture manufacturing. They imagined collections of furniture designs that reflect the tastes and desires of real people. They pictured furniture collections that focused on a few finely crafted pieces. They envisioned excellence in materials, design, engineering and service. They prophesied that each customer would receive superb value for his or her investment.

What began as a vision, ended up as an international company. Experienced furniture people are part of their company, as are seasoned service professionals. They are lean in many areas, and they have made great investments in the things that matter-raw materials; exquisite woods; and innovative manufacturing, systems, and logistics. Their experienced personnel delivers impeccable service to match the high-quality furniture we manufacture.

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