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HILLSDALE FURNITURENo one takes furniture design more seriously than the artists at Hillsdale Furniture. The designers own the company. Their commitment goes beyond making beautiful, durable collections. They're dedicated to creating revolutionary and timeless works of ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Ambassador Collection

Finally, a set that is not only functional and affordable, but attractive.  The Ambassador features a rich cherry finish, supple brown leath ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Arbor Hill Collection

Charm your guests with Hillsdale Furniture's Arbor Hill dining collection.  Too modern to be country, but to rustic to be contemporary, with ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Aspen Collection

Functional and fashion forward, Hillsdale Furniture's Aspen dining room collection is sure to compliment any transitional or contemporary decor. ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Bayberry Collection

Finished in a dark cherry or classic oak, our Bayberry collection combines the clean lines of a transitional design with the unique addition of a ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Bennington Collection

On-trend metallics meet traditional dining styles in the Bennington dining collection. Featuring at its center a round table with an elegantly bu ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Brooklawn Collection

Reminiscent of Old World craftsmanship, the Hillsdale Furniture's Brooklawn dining room collection hints at antique style and grace.  Constr ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Cameron Collection

Hillsdale’s Cameron dining room collection beautifully combines a warm Chestnut Brown wood finish with a dark grey metal and creates the pe ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Cierra Collection

The Cierra bistro collection is bold and contemporary, turning heads and impressing guests with its svelte design sense.  Tastefully underst ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Charleston Collection

Hillsdale’s Charleston dining room collection beautifully combines a warm Desert Tan wood finish with a dark grey metal and creates the per ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Denmark Collection

p>Rustic sophistications blends perfectly with clean lines and simple details in the Denmark dining collection. The Collection features a rect ... (read more)

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Hillsdale Furniture Dynamic Designs

Whatever the occasion, this Dynamic Designs bistro dining collection will be there to provide pleasing aesthetics and to help foster conversation ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Embassy Collection

Featuring the classic combination of our Rubbed Black finish with your choice of cherry or granite table top surface, our Embassy dining collecti ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Emerson Collection

Rustically finished and constructed from gray sheesam wood, the Emerson Dining Table is a conversation piece all its own. Naturally hewn edges el ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Englewood Collection

Sleek, clean, and refined, the Englewood gathering and dining collection achieve elegance through simplicity.  The transitional criss cross ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Granada Collection

Multifaceted with an artistic flourish, the Granada dining collection is distinguished in its bamboo-inspired accents and elegantly arched metal ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Killarney Collection

Combining style reminiscent of the Arts and Craft movement with modern touches, the Killarney collection is an elegantly simple anchor for the di ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Kingston Collection

The Kingston game or dining room collection by Hillsdale Furniture is a distinguished addition to any home. The light cherry finished wood, blac ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Lorient Collection

Modern with natural, weathered detailing, the Lorient Dining Table celebrates the style of the elements. The Lorient Table has a wood finish in a ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Montello Collection

Drama and style are defined in Hillsdale's Montello dining ensemble. Sweeping interlocking circles, intricate complimentary castings and elegantl ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Nassau Collection

The Nassau game or dining room collection is distinguished and regal.  The classic lines and nail head trim on the chairs along with the lif ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Nottingham Collection

Urban and sophisticated, the tapered, clean lines of the Nottingham dining collection create an effect that is fresh, modern and timeless. Availa ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Pacifico Collection

Black metal with copper highlights mix with wood finished in a Honey Maple tone to accomplish the cool, refreshing look of Hillsdale's Pacifico B ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Palm Springs Collection

Add panche to your game room with Hillsdale Furniture’s Palm Springs Game table and chairs. Finished in a medium brown cherry with brown le ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Park Avenue

Let your dining room be filled with warmth and handsome style by adding the Park Avenue collection to the decor. The rectangular-shaped table and ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Park View Collection

Add traditional charm to your game or dining room with Hillsdale Furniture’s Parkview game room collection.  Finished in a medium brow ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Plainview Collection

The Plainview collection has design elements from the French countryside. Simple and charming, this collection will always brightness to your roo ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Parkside Collection

The Parkside Bar Height Bistro Table & Stools by Hillsdale Furniture is a delicate yet durable, up-trend set to enhance any home bar or dinin ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Pompei Collection

The unique and beautiful Pompei collection features an intricate and interesting solid slate design with earthy accents. A graceful scrolled silh ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Santa Fe Collection

Rustic and naturally inspired, the Santa Fe Dining Collection enhances modern design with a tip of the hat to Old West details and décor. ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Savona Collection

Dynamically elegant, the Savona Dining Table will brighten the dining experience for all who enjoy it. Constructed of wood with a lovely vintage ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Seaton Springs Collection

An Old World aesthetic is the hallmark of Hillsdale Furniture’s new Seaton Springs Dining Room Collection. The Seaton Springs Dining Table ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Sheridan Collection

Simple and straightforward, the Sheridan Dining Collection makes a beautiful base for culinary creation and family celebrations. Constructed of w ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Tabacon Collection

The Tabacon Counter Height Table with Stools by Hillsdale Furniture will blow you away. This beautiful piece of furniture is ideal for a dining a ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Tiburon Collection

Balanced and precise lines combine with an espresso finish and clean tapered legs to create our Tiburon dining collection. Complete with a matchi ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Valencia Collection

The Valencia Stool and Pub offers a functional contemporary edge to any decor. The no frills pub table can adjust from 36 to 42 inches in height ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Warrington Collection

This collection is the perfect way to turn your kitchen or dining room into an entertainment hot spot for friends, family and fun. Hillsdale furn ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Wilmington Collection

Effortless and uncomplicated, the Wilmington is a pub set for any style. Constructed of hardwood and featuring a 360 degree swivel seat, the back ... (read more)

Hillsdale Furniture Wilshire Collection

Come sit a while, and bask in the quality and craftsmanship of the Wilshire's old-world sophistication. This English countryside classic comes co ... (read more)
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Showing 1 - 16 of 363 product results

Showing 1 - 16 of 363 product results


No one takes furniture design more seriously than the artists at Hillsdale Furniture. The designers own the company. Their commitment goes beyond making beautiful, durable collections. They're dedicated to creating revolutionary and timeless works of art as elegant as they are comfortable.

Hillsdale Furniture can't be pegged into one genre, or even one era. Their designers are as talented at recreating the most cherished traditional furniture, bringing an antique look to life, as they are at blazing new fashion trails for eager decorators who want something no one has ever seen before. Hillsdale stands the test of time while transcending it.

With experience rooted deep in old-school craftsmanship, Hillsdale knows quality. Their traditional furniture collections show respect for age-old handwork and quiet elegance. Rich wood construction and quality veneers are hand-rubbed to satiny perfection, resulting in the well-loved glow of a family heirloom. The Nottingham and Arlington collections are masterful displays of traditional beauty, with sculpted edging, strong lines and a fine sense of history. Soft cushions wrapped in durable fabric or exquisite leathers are as comfortable as an old friend. Metal furniture collections like the Pompei, with its cheerful serifs and sensuous scrolling, bring the casual, unhurried elegance you'd expect to find at an Italian villa.

The Hillsdale designers are masters of blending yesterday and today into collections that are lighter, cheerier and more inviting. Respecting tradition while welcoming cleaner, more modern lines, they achieve an urban grace that delights contemporary decorators. See transitional sets like the Bayberry and Hemstead. Mix up a cocktail of space-age retro like the Aspen collection's blend of clean lines, shiny metal and pleated faux leather. Or nestle into casual South Pacific ease with their Cameron collection. Hillsdale's transitional collections rise above changing fashions to achieve a sublime timelessness.

If you share their unbridled passion for exciting modern design, don't miss the seemingly weightless Charleston and Cierra collections, the Pacifico's brilliant blend of metal, wood and fabric, or the Brookside's shimmering platinum shine and glassy fossil stone surfaces. These and other creative collections look like no other, defining tomorrow's fashion today.

All these collections, from the most traditional to the boldest modern, share Hillsdale's commitment to grace, taste and quality. Each is built to be used, not just admired. Style never takes precedence over comfort. The result is furniture that will grow more beautiful to you over the years and become a cherished family heirloom. Smart design becomes a smart choice. Hillsdale: Now is your time.

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