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Kincaid has been producing high-quality, solid wood furniture since its inception in 1946. Since then we've expanded to include a line of fashionable, customizable-fabric upholstery, and updated our solid-wood product line for today's home with tech-savvy pieces, altern... (read more)

Kincaid Cascade Collection

Cascade was inspired by the unique personalities of its two wood species. A beautifully layered texture comes from contrasting the grain of wire- ... (read more)

Kincaid Cherry Park Collection

A modern interpretation on tradition made from solid cherry featuring a clean aesthetic. Cherry Park Collection by Kincaid Furniture showcases s ... (read more)

Kincaid Elise Collection

Solid Appalachian maple has never looked as sophisticated as Elise by Kincaid Furniture. Modern furniture styles often rely on artificial ... (read more)

Kincaid Foundry Collection

Foundry's industrial-chic design is a story of its inspiring roots. The casual styling is both original and at the same time familiar. This mer ... (read more)

Kincaid Greyson Collection

With timeless lines and traditional European casual undertones, this whole-home collection exudes comfortable old world style.  The Greyson ... (read more)

Kincaid Hadleigh Collection

Like the classic tuxedo, Hadleigh makes a timeless fashion statement for the home.  This whole home collection blends the traditional lines ... (read more)

Kincaid Homecoming - Vintage Pine Collection

Rustic simplicity is the hallmark of our Homecoming - Vintage Pine Collection by Kincaid Furniture. The beauty of solid pine is accentuated with ... (read more)

Kincaid Mill House Collection

Welcome charming rustic style into your home with this collection. The solid wood construction, along with high quality construction of each piec ... (read more)

Kincaid Montreat Collection

A beautiful whole-home collection crafted from solid Dutch White Cedar featuring transitional lines, unique grooved fronts, modular dining o ... (read more)

Kincaid Plank Road Collection

Inspired by the rugged solid wood roads that America traveled, Plank Road is a tribute to the sturdy resolve that is our heritage. Every solid w ... (read more)

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Kincaid Portolone Collection

Portolone Collection offers old world style with modern functionality in a rich truffle finish. This collection features custom brass hardware, d ... (read more)

Kincaid Stone Ridge Collection

Stone Ridge is a whole-home collection crafted from solid U.S. white oak and French oak. The straight wood grain evokes recycled wine barrels a ... (read more)

Kincaid The Nook Collection

The Nook offers multiple seating and table options in two pleasing wood finish colors - Brushed Oak and Hewed Maple. Most tables are available in ... (read more)

Kincaid Trails Collection

Heavily inspired by nature and the great outdoors, this collection is a perfect match for those who love to explore. The dedication to harmonious ... (read more)

Kincaid Traverse Collection

Inspired by a decades old relationship with solid wood, the Traverse collection is our way of letting the craft speak for itself. It begins with ... (read more)

Kincaid Weatherford Collection

Some spaces just want to relax, and get into something a little more comfortable.  And for those spaces, there is Weatherford. Made of soli ... (read more)

Kincaid Wildfire Collection

Inspired by the centuries old aesthetic of charred wood, Wildfire is crafted from solid Acacia and designed with a balanced blend of modern and t ... (read more)
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Showing 1 - 16 of 318 product results

Showing 1 - 16 of 318 product results

Kincaid has been producing high-quality, solid wood furniture since its inception in 1946. Since then we've expanded to include a line of fashionable, customizable-fabric upholstery, and updated our solid-wood product line for today's home with tech-savvy pieces, alternative storage options, and smaller scale furniture. Kincaid also pioneered a new take on room decor by introducing the Artisan's Shoppe collection, allowing you to completely revamp your room's look with the addition of one exceptionally unique piece of furniture.

Kincaid's solid wood furniture is made in America whenever possible, as we want to offer you the best options in classic casual furniture design, while still being true to our values and commitment to community. Kincaid continues to show accountability and integrity far beyond the range of other furniture companies by creating the first ever collection for the American Home Furnishings Alliance's Eco3Home program, signifying adherence to all mandatory and voluntary standards for safety, heath, and environmental stewardship.

Kincaid Furniture specializes in all sorts of styles of furnishings with one thing in common: solid wood. Also well-known for their upholstery and home accents, Kincaid Furniture's comfortable style brings warmth and quality to any room.

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