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Showing 1 - 20 of 293 product results

Showing 1 - 20 of 293 product results

Kincaid has been producing high-quality, solid wood furniture since its inception in 1946. Since then we've expanded to include a line of fashionable, customizable-fabric upholstery, and updated our solid-wood product line for today's home with tech-savvy pieces, alternative storage options, and smaller scale furniture. Kincaid also pioneered a new take on room decor by introducing the Artisan's Shoppe collection, allowing you to completely revamp your room's look with the addition of one exceptionally unique piece of furniture.

Kincaid's solid wood furniture is made in America whenever possible, as we want to offer you the best options in classic casual furniture design, while still being true to our values and commitment to community. Kincaid continues to show accountability and integrity far beyond the range of other furniture companies by creating the first ever collection for the American Home Furnishings Alliance's Eco3Home program, signifying adherence to all mandatory and voluntary standards for safety, heath, and environmental stewardship.

Kincaid Furniture specializes in all sorts of styles of furnishings with one thing in common: solid wood. Also well-known for their upholstery and home accents, Kincaid Furniture's comfortable style brings warmth and quality to any room.

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