Tommy Bahama

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Showing 1 - 20 of 169 product results

Showing 1 - 20 of 169 product results

Tommy Bahama Dining Room Furniture

Tommy Bahama is a mythical character, inspired by travels to outヨofヨtheヨway tropical places, where waves rush in to take your cares away and you can kick back and relax. Places where time stands still and life is an island stateヨofヨmind. The Tommy Bahama Home brand is for men and women who embrace this relaxed island lifestyle approach for dayヨtoヨday living.

Tommy Bahama, the purveyor of island lifestyle, was established in 1992 in the area of menメs sportswear apparel. Getting started, the publicメs astounding reception to Tommy Bahamaメs モtropical viewヤ inspired the company to reach for moreヨincluding home furnishings. With a large selection of islandヨthemed pieces for your bedroom, dining room and living room, the Tommy Bahama Home brand strives to bring fine quality craftsmanship and the relaxing atmosphere of the tropics to your life.

Transitional designs with intricate tropical detailing are the primary features of the Tommy Bahama Home brand. Banana and lotus leaf carvings, woven rattan, fancy veneered tops, rope twist molding and pierced wood carving are just a few of the many bold design elements that make this brand so unique and special. Each collection will bring a different island flavor to your home, whether transporting you to a Cuban plantation home in the days of Latin grandeur or taking you to the shores of Bali in exotic Indonesia. Rich finishes and tropical detailing truly make these collections one of a kind.

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